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Expanding the Reach for Mental Wellness for Better  Performance in Sport & Life

  • New Path Youth & Family Services, with the support of Morton Youth Services and coaches, developed Expand the Reach. 
  • Community based activity groups provide many benefits to youth, and act as a protective and preventative factor for many. 
  • The coach/athlete relationship is often one of the most significant relationships in a young person’s life.   
  • The goal is to support coaches and provide them with the necessary “tools”, to assist with the identification of behaviours that may indicate mental health problems.
  • Research shows that 1 in 5 children have a mental health problem, and we know that early diagnosis and treatment lead to better outcomes for children later in life, and decrease involvement in youth justice system.

Exciting News for our Expand The Reach Program

New Path Youth & Family Services has received a grow grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to fund our continued evaluation work. Over the next 3 years, we will use a participatory evaluation model to assist in the engagement of youth with lived experience, athletes and coaches to develop a new program related to Peer-to-Peer Mentorship. We will provide training  on peer mentorship and then support them to mentor other youth and athletes. This project is a collaborative initiative with The Students Commission of Canada who is lead of The Centre of Excellence for Youth Engagement, and RISE Athlete Support Programs who is a collection of Coaches, educators and high performance athletes focused on providing resources for young athletes as they develop into strong team and community leaders. Through our evaluation work more athletes and youth with lived experience will have emotional and social strengths, and coaches and mentors will have the skills to support children and youth who are facing barriers. 


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